I even had to turn down the Attenuation on the Digital input for my sound card. I have a Nord Stage 2, I’ll make sure to let you know when I get some songs done with em. I wish they had a few more pads, but not bad so far. The base piano was vastly improved, the EPs had the body and bark I wasn’t getting out of the K at the time, and the analog synth Voices Yamaha’s term for patches had some real warmth to them, with filter sweeps either manual knob-twisting or programmed-in standing out as particularly smooth compared to the “Classic. Not my cup of tea, but it is in the spirit of analog This reminds me of a video game, Silent Hill.

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I even had to turn down the Attenuation on the Digital input for my sound card.

Yamaha MOTIF ES6 Keyboard Synthesizer | eBay

I like this one. Arps are always cool. SwizzleStik- This feels like it would fit perfectly in the New Age pads!

A little too buzzy for my tastes, but Yamaha motif es would try it out to see how it sounds in a mix. The two together complemented each other nicely, and with them plus the dedicated organ, there was no gig I couldn’t do.

This reminds me of those ‘s laser gun sounds in the old sci fi movies. If you want additional capabilities, however, the Modular Synthesis Plug-in System lets you simply plug in appropriate optional expansion boards. You can even receive sounds yamaha motif es email the same day!

Yamaha Motif | Vintage Synth Explorer

This one is an oldie but goodie, introduced in Uamaha, didn’t even notice the sparkle that EP warmers had when you hit them harder. Motif 6 It’s not a vintage synthesizer, but yamaha motif es has definitely earned a place in history!

New Age pads are still my favorite, but the Filmscape 5-d will sound even cooler in the mix cause it’s yamaha motif es upfront and happenin!. I can find cool ways to use this pad too.

At this rate, i’ll never need to use any of my other keyboards again! Yamaha motif es provide the sounds in MIDI files. Great for a slow song. This pad is great! Motif Customer Thanks for the sounds, guys!

This is one of those pads that you could use in many yamaha motif es. Reminds me of space music. They have 64 performances that come with the voices that are pretty interesting. Yamaba has multiple sliders which normally act as faders, and there are knobs to adjust different parameters.


I like this pad!!! Motif Customer Well, I can say this with complete truth You can also plug another instrument yamaha motif es a guitar, bass, or another notif into it and use the synth’s numerous effects like Chorus, Celeste, Flanger, Phaser, Distortion, Overdrive, and so many more. This is a great patch!

This reminds me of tangerine dream! We also have many more completely different banks for the Motif that work perfectly with the ES! The MOTIF seemed to have everything I wanted except for the one yamaha motif es that I wanted most which was more sonic textures, more pads, more warmth, etc. We email orders the same day!

Stephen’s Synths – Yamaha Motif ES

I like the variety of voices here. These last few patches mktif all really wonderful! Kind of dreary, kind of a SFX sound too. Well worth the wait. This is a cool arp.