Mark G May 7, TechShui July 7, Do you mean the laptop assembly procedure? BlueWolf July 29, This worked on my computer. Make lots of pictures while stripping down the motherboard.

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As the board cools very gently tightened the G-Clamp a bit at a time compaq v6000 video it was to the point where I would have to use a minimum force to tighten any further. Listen every so often for the fan to be running.


Reflowing without using a reballing reflow work station is never guaranteed but using a heatgun is the ONLY way to be compaq v6000 video to reflow any component without a proper reballing reflow workstation. I reassembled it and got video. I was pretty sure this is motherboard compaq v6000 video failure. Then I went back and pressed the power button until it turned compqa off.

Fixing Compaq motherboard video

Boobo May 5, Nicole August 23, After the laptop was sealed, Videi turned it on and let it run for about 1. This worked on my computer.

Scott Hubs April 1, Any help would be appreciated. I bought a persario v off Craigslist about a month ago.

Now though, it does work after stripping it and baking itbut there is still something not quite right with it, as it can still switch itself off. Compaq v6000 video really thank you for your online service.

Daniel October 2, HP was very stupid for using such a feeble cooling design. Hi i have a G HP laptop, my problem is when i switch it on it just blinks and cut the power totaly, then i switch it again and the same thing, i removed the battery and switched it on directly from the Compaq v6000 video and its still cannot compaw on to the power, so i saw some of the methods of baking the board and i was wondering if compaqq will work for me, and if so how long at what heat level do compaq v6000 video bake it?

Joe February 3, A bit prehistoric but most important is that worked fine for us. Was able gideo diagnose my Compaq Presario V Next morning I unwrapped compaq v6000 video laptop AND….

The logic is corrent, the heat melts the soldering and it flows back into the places. Take pictures while stripping down the motherboard.

PK June compaq v6000 video, I will let yall know how long it lasts. I tried this method on a Compaq Presario v, and it worked perfectly. Amazing vieeo repair guide. John November 4, There was vidso video on the laptop screen or external monitor. Henry W June 4, Angga May 13, Kipp August 18, Allen Davis November 28, I did this repair a few month ago and still compaq v6000 video.