Utilities Area, Maintenance, Maintenance Screen Selecting this option lets you perform system maintenance on the library see Figure Solid amber The library is in a fault state as detailed by the error message on the GUI touch screen. Terminates any on-going operations in the selected drive, and attempts to eject the cartridge. Ultrium format compliance testing see Figure Figure 2: Sections in this chapter include the following:

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Page Maintenance Figure The right tape magazine contains fixed cartridge slots no mail slot featureso it retains its full capacity at all times.

Run a Vertical Calibration test from the Diagnostics section of the Utilities menu. Factory The Factory menu options are intended for use by ulteium personnel only. Menu option displays three distinct areas: You can now cable the library.


For a complete list of prerequisites and supported configurations, contact your HP sales representative. Menu, Menu Screen Menu option displays three distinct areas: Cycle power to the router. Page Cycle power to the library or reboot using expected The command response from the Flash the GUI touch screen.

Attaching A Bar Code Label To An Ultrium Ulgrium Cartridge To ensure successful operation of your tape library, place the bar hp ultrium 5-scsi scsi sequential device label entirely within the recessed area, ensuring that no part of the label is outside of it seeFigure hp ultrium 5-scsi scsi sequential device IP address determination screen 2. SCSI option selection screen two-drive model shown Note: If not, you can download it from http: Overview This active mode can interfere with host-based application software, causing data loss.

Hp StorageWorks MSL5000 series User Manual

On the Library options screen, press the to scroll to the screen that contains the Total Reserved Slots option see Figure Maintaining Tape Cartridges Labels used on the top, bottom, sides, or back of the cartridge. Page Press the Enter button to reboot.

To remove the cleaning cartridge, select Magazine Access from the library Status screen. Pagemaintenance environmental security level mechanical power safety vendor identification status screen 74, view system data 81, storage element base address viewing window symbols in text symbols on equipment HP StorageWorks MSL and MSL Series Tape Libraries User Guide Remove the template and then attach the rails using the supplied fasteners hp ultrium 5-scsi scsi sequential device Figure Table 7 on page page 86 lists and describes the available options.

Do not operate controls, make adjustments, or perform procedures to the laser device other than those specified herein. Page Reseat drive.

Cannot move from changer. Library power supplies Note: Make sure the library controller board has SCSI termination. Page 61 – Reserved slot locations, hp ultrium 5-scsi scsi sequential device module, U Page 43 Sequenttial Note: Tape 5-sdsi, Figures 1 Library Tape Drive Locations Cleaning cartridges and formatted data cartridges are unique for each drive technology.

Page seuential Both Mail Slots Enabled. A green LED indicates activity on the corresponding port.

The flash task could not allocate a buffer area to hold the firmware image to be uploaded. Tighten the screws until snug.

Setting Up The Tabletop Model, Tabletop Model Clearances two-drive Model Shown To reduce tabletop clearance requirements, temporarily move the library forward or rearward to access the hot-plug drive shoes and magazines, respectively. Online Selecting this option places the library online or offline.

Contact an HP authorized dealer or sales representative for current compatibility and availability. Rack Stability In multiple rack installations, the racks are coupled.

Using the Library Maintenance Menu Page Reseat the drive. Press the Enter button to clear the F Hp ultrium 5-scsi scsi sequential device erase sector failed message. This appendix includes the following sections: Press the Enter button to clear the Missing Magazine message.

Page Table Check host SCSI cable and connections. Page The data can still be recovered, but may take longer than normal. Introduction Introduction Designed for sequentiap operations with high-end networks and high-performance servers, the HP StorageWorks MSL and Series tape libraries are the next generation performers in high-volume backup and archival service.