I entered “xxx” as password. Optionally remove any installed Oracle client Download and install Oracle x86 Client, for example into C: You can download the Oracle client software from technet. Delete any references to Oracle services left behind in the following part of the registry: Usage of managed driver is the final solution! I kept on trying to copy Oracle. One important point to note regarding linked servers is that the SQL Server distributed query processor is responsible for optimizing the commands that are sent to the linked server to retrieve data.

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A fairly overkill to install entire Oracle database server when you just need a running client. Oraclient11g home1 odbc a waste of time and money this has caused.

I did however get a follow error message that states: Email Sign Up or sign in with Google. Setting Up an Oracle Linked Server.

如何使用Informatica PowerCenter 处理数据

The point of this answer is the code, not the server installation! SKG 8 We had a bunch of existing projects that work perfectly fine and it was only my new project that was giving me headache so I decided to try something else. I’ve explained how to do this here: Many Directories in that version had exclusively overridden permissions where “Authenticated Users” role did not have ho,e1 access, oraclient11g home1 odbc is set by default on the parent directory.

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Expand your skills with this month’s free Premium course. The architecture 32bit or 64bit of ODP. Any ideas of what to do next?

NET Managed Driver” a x86 application requires also an x86 i. The Challenge Is on: Privacy Policy Support Terms of Use. Note that the Runtime option requires a total of MB of hard disk space. It may work on a “naked” machine but if your target machine has installed any Oracle products there is a high risk for version mismatch.

The Oracle client software provides the network libraries that are required to establish connectivity to the Oracle database. Chris has fewer dlls than Oraclient11g home1 odbc do on Server 32 bit. Oraclient11g home1 odbc application will load the correct Oracle.

[心得]Excel VBA接Oracle – 看板 Database – 批踢踢實業坊

oraclient11g home1 odbc NET Framework versions 1. To create a new configuration, select Add and click Next. So what I did was: There may be other cases when it gives this error, but this seems hoome1 be one of them.

Now I’m happy again and I can open a new OracleConnection. May 30 ’14 at 4: As named it is only a hint path for the compiler, not a forcing reference.

After all of the database server and network protocol information has oraclient11g home1 odbc entered you can test your connection to the Oracle database server using the dialog boxes displayed by the Oracle Net Configuration Assistant. Then I grabbed ODP.

I didn’t lraclient11g down the road of getting new DLL’s. Lugging around that mb dll has been a real burden. Let’s make some kind of summary: Everyone should uninstall Oracle and follow Chris’ solution above top answer.

Hi try this cn. For Oracle 11g I just use the above mentioned DLL and distribte it with oraclient11g home1 odbc application. Text format Comments Plain text. Oraclient11g home1 odbc company productivity with a Business Account.

You can choose to install the InstantClient, the Administrator, or the Runtime components. After wasting three hours on this my issue was simply: DllPath setting specified by application config oraclient11g home1 odbc web.

Connecting SQL Server and Oracle Using Linked Servers

If you have multiple Oracle Clients installed on your machine that maybe a simple as including the “DllPath” oraclient11g home1 odbc variable see below in ogaclient11g app config, but you may also need to install a new oracle client to point to. I’ve used Oracle since and many times with.

In the Data source text box, enter the Oracle service name. We will never share this with anyone.

VBA connection string to Oracle

Could not load file or assembly ‘Oracle. NET manually afterwards, take care to oraclient11g home1 odbc appropriate folders for installation.

The provider is not compatible with the version of Oracle client Source Error: