I have noticed it runs considerably cooler than it used to. On Tuesday I took it to an Apple Authorized Service Provider here, in Mexico City; the next day Wednesday they told me it qualified for logic board replace under extended warranty, and two days later Friday I had it with me already. I’m glad its being repaired free of charge, however it does raise a question – there is no Rev 3 Logic Board for that model, so what happens if they starts failing for people all over again? Kudos to the Genius, it was diplomatically and smoothly said. Moral of the story – don’t take no for an answer and try to get it to chime and the keyboard lights to come on at the Apple Store.

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No shortcuts start from disk, safe boot, firewire, verbose etc works and the screen is all black. I actually feel bad for bothering the Apple employees at this point.

It doesn’t always help as there could be many different reasons for the problem but some have found the tip from a reader in August on warming up the MBP allowed it to boot. I argued that not being able to perform the test wasn’t adequate to say the nvidia chip was OK. Believe it or not, they couldn’t get their mind around this. As noted on top of this page, the Apple doc MacBook Pro: I plan on taking it to a different service provider for a second opinion.

The only issue I’ve encountered so far is that I had to authorize my Time Machine Disk for this computer but that only took about a minute. They tested it in 5 minutes and told me it was s link sl u45 usb to ethernet be covered under warranty.

Try to turn on my macbook and run test 2. And since even the GPU extension is only 3 years from date of purchase, does applecare s link sl u45 usb to ethernet extend beyond that?

But I will be filing a dissatisfied action to apple concerning my discontent Long story short, I had Applecare, so the repair was covered. I asked what the tech needed to see and she indicated it simply needed to boot for the test to work – we needed to hear it chime after a power-up.

I read up on the web about what my options were and determined that the key was to get a chime and lights for “caps lock” or “num lock” – this didn’t happen at Apple Store 1.

All the usual signs as everyone else is having and I was also out of warranty by about two years. Thanks for your site! Moreover, it was irresponsible s link sl u45 usb to ethernet the genius didn’t even dig into the problem to figure out if it was because of the nvidia chip and immediately tossed the price to my face, – or I guess I am just not rich enough to accept etheret cost easily.

The symptoms disappeared afterward. I asked if the chip on the new logic board was the same. Be positive, but as silent as you can. I highly suggest activating screen sharing and using a VNC program from another computer to remotely backup your data before sending the laptop in for repair.

It works, finish diagnostics So as you can see, my logic board wasn’t diagnosed in any way. Time Machine thinks your machine is now a different box, and refuses to recognize previous backups. Same as many other people, etherneet board failed to start s link sl u45 usb to ethernet no sound at beginning, anything else “starts”.

I could browse the web, listen to music, s link sl u45 usb to ethernet my data, etc. Originally in Fall it was 2 years, revised in for 3 years, and 4 years in I fully agree with that sentiment and was prepared to, but thankfully i’ve more time to save up!

July 13, — 4: To my surprise one time while restarting it booted up! The Apple test program shows everything passing. The machine with a known, obvious, glowing failure behaved unpredictably from test to test and in one out of many attempts, it gave the tech the result he needed to see in order to approve repair.

However not all have been so lucky – especially cases where the MBP was not able to boot to run the external drive GPU failure qualification ‘test’.

However it never really lasted much longer lnk 2 min of late. How to Grow Hydrangea from Cuttings July 18, — 1: Then i s link sl u45 usb to ethernet the official Apple KB article and was stoked that my mbp would still be covered even though it’s out of warranty. About two hours later I got s link sl u45 usb to ethernet call that it was ready.

Pulled power plug, left wrapped for a while 20 minutes? I called apple tech support and was put in touch with a senior person there–once I described the problem she apologized for the genius assessment of the situation, said it sounded like classic symptoms of the nvidia chip failure and arranged for apple to pick up, repair and return my computer to me at no cost.

I understand this means the test in inconclusive. Diagnosis graphics failure confirmed, Apple repair approved free of charge.

This setup has been ideal for me and since I never touched the firmware on the M, it was very stable without a single instance of downtime.

The guy at the Limk Bar doubted that my problem was related to the GPU failure, but took my Mac, with a referral to the engineers to find the problem. So I s link sl u45 usb to ethernet, and now they state that they haven’t tested the computer with the Nvidia software because the computer was dead.

I was at the desk where I have my desktop, Powermac G5 running The next day I found out that Aple was issuing refunds for the same type of issue.


I called and went through the whole story, got transferred to someone higher up the chain and got an override with no problems. Glad to dthernet found this site which allowed wl to speak to the tech support people in an intelligent way about the problem.

S link sl u45 usb to ethernet enough, when I tried again a couple of days later, it started working again as if nothing was wrong. Won’t always help but as noted above it has for several readers.