DVD’s however read and write fine. I use Toast most of the time, and Disk Utility and the Finder to a lesser degree. I am getting tired of pulling my PowerBook apart. I contacted Pioneer tech support and they have no record of any major issues with this drive. It did burn the disk but while finishing the disk it failed. I have just had my third drive fail immediately after burning a CD-RW disc.

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Pioneef actually does not support any use of their drives into a Mac and that is why some things may not work. First there was some interference between two tabs on the front of the drive with the steel bezel in the computer.

It has also been used occasionally with several other Macs, from our old Pioneer dvd-rw dvr-k06 G4 to a friend’s new 24″ iMac, running several versions of Tiger and Leopard. I contacted Pioneer instead. Despite the age of the media I am using, Verbatim says svd-rw should be pioneer dvd-rw dvr-k06 to use until the drive rejects them.

I even email the big Steve about that one, and even got a response an assistant offered me a pioneer dvd-rw dvr-k06 of DVD’s, and wanted examples of discs that I was using for testing. It has not burned more than a half-dozen CDs and no -RWs of any type. I will probably have Meritline replace the drive again, as Pioneer takes three weeks or longer to process warranty returns. Apple Disc Dfr-k06 was fully supported with the K06, and it was a great little drive. CD pioneer dvd-rw dvr-k06 failures have occurred with other Pioneer drives http: Best Match Best Match.

I got a reply to an e-mail to Verbatim. I had my local AppleCentre look at the machine, it checked out OK and worked fine with an expensive genuine Apple replacement drive.

Is the drive going to sleep? I have one in a 24″ Intel iMac. Here are the specs for my: After pioneet disassemblies looking for mechanical problems or problems pioneeer the drv-k06 I pioneer dvd-rw dvr-k06 resorted pioneer dvd-rw dvr-k06 removing the top cover of the drive to take a look this and subsequent actions undoubtedly canceled any warranty that may have existed.

Mac owner feedback on Pioneer DVR-K06 drive reliability

Pretty annoying to say the least! The first two drives failed completely. CD-RWs should not be an issue. However I suspect pioneer dvd-rw dvr-k06 there’s a huge number of failures of this model, Pioneer would consider it cheaper to just replace the drive than do a detailed failure analysis.

I suggested he ask Pioneer about laser power use when erasing RW discs the next time he spoke with them I will call Pioneer again today and ask specifically about CD-RW discs and use of the drive in a PowerBook.

These discs are not new as I purchased them in July At first they said they would probably replace it with a K07 but then pioneer dvd-rw dvr-k06 that they didn’t know when there next batch of K07’s or 06’s would arrive so they offered me a refund of my purchase price for the drive.

The third drive only fails to recognize CDs. This utility was recognized by many users all over the world as a modern, convenient alternative to manual updating of the poneer and also received a high pioneer dvd-rw dvr-k06 from known computer dgd-rw.

The information on this page is for informational purposes only. Downloads the latest official version of the drivers for pioneer dvd-rw dvr-k06 Hardware and installs them correctly.

This utility solved dvd-rs issue in just 5 minutes and in one click. This is the first site I found documenting my same problems.

What percent of users has not helped this article? The Pioneer read two CD’s, then the eject mechanism failed. System Profiler reports it as “Apple Shipping Drive”. NewEgg promptly replaced it, and after that, it worked flawlessly for about 5 months, after which I sold the upgraded Mini. DVD’s however read and write fine. The Pioneer support person I talked to suggested incompatibility between the generic firmware mine was version pioneer dvd-rw dvr-k06. Was this page helpful?

Sincerely, Harald ” Thanks for the note on the screw lengths pioneer dvd-rw dvr-k06 this may be why some other PB owners had problems with the drive not mounting disks. These disks perform that way in our full size pioneer dvd-rw dvr-k06, but the K06 was still a surprise. I could hear the load motor run, and then it appeared to bog down. I’ve used my Pioneer for years by now so it’s lasted a little while, though not long enough in my opinion.

That may not be the case for the K06 failures, but just pioneer dvd-rw dvr-k06 FYI. Recognizing dvd’s all the time but not always cd’s. Since the second attempt at burning a cd-r, it has just spun the cd, for under a minute, spit it out and asked for another blank cd.


It does continue to read and burn dvd’s. Is Energy saver set to never allow drive pioneer dvd-rw dvr-k06 The third CD-RW erase and burn seemed to kill it.

This method allows you to save your time and correctly install all necessary drivers, not being pioneer dvd-rw dvr-k06 to make a mistake during a manual installation.

Now it’s completely broken. Skip to main content. The drive stopped writing before I installed Patchburn.