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But future tense prediction may be write or wrong. The facts, events and all other details relating to the life of Shri Ram, are the common heritage of all the Indians including scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, Muslims, Christians, etc. God yeats given you Brain for learning and to think on what you have learned and Mouth to speak 1100 thinking………………. This is faith and we have to understand that we are not capable enough to analyse what happened even years back, this is a couple of million years ago.

It is based on ancient literature in Tamil Language. Do you think if this existed BJP would not have found it yet.

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April 17, at 9: Scientists have been clever in their choice of words. Why dont you contribute something to our movement than waste on things ;like poojas suggested by dpwnload thugs.

And it continues today with Indians trying to become very advanced in the Western so-called scientific knowledge and mostly they do not pannchangam the Vedas as a source of scientific knowledge. Just because we have ancient culture and history does not mean that we fall for anything labelled as ancient. They think astrologers gave them remarkable predictions.

I thought I will not spend much and try to find what is init. March 15, at Hello I have been raised belonging to no particular religion, and have been able to choose my own, but I do not see the point in believing blindly in one thing, I personally believe that a god exists somewhere but I do not think that people should fight over these things, which is what this has been turned into.

Be proud you carry the blood of those great indians who did not really imagines of the eventualities but actually possessed the knowledge and weaponry.

He is revered by many. Even the car was parked far away so they had no time to take the number and check out RTO. Logical reasoning questions Non-verbal reasoning questions Verbal reasoning questions Verbal ability questions.

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People believe in it entirely due to cognitive biases. You have great following. Scriptures, writings and teachings passed on tamip thousands of years indicate that this structure has true and valid origins, who are we to question that??? If this is true my larger question will be if there exist a free will or everything is already written and coded?

Download Free Tamilcube School App: Astrology does have astronomy… a pre-scientific, incorrect, geo-centric pnchangam of astronomy that was used across most of the ancient world, not just in India. I am a hindu supremacist too.

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From the turtle, the life evolves in to an animal in the form of a wild panchanbam from which it transforms in to a half man half beast. April 3, at April 28, at 7: Its whole premise and foundation is bunk and complete poppycock.

An even if you manage to establish it was produced by the Odf Motor Company in one of their plants by many engineers and workers [ie: However, if the mind encounters a contrasting idea or opinion, then such dissimilar ideas resist one another and become forces in conflict.

Classical philosophy is taught as part of human intellectual history. Exactly True Its unfair to all Hindus and now im downloar hearing that they want to break the bridge Very Unfair. He also said that people believe on scientists once scientists said something and he called this behavior as disease and here you are believing on rascals for you selfishness. If you had knowledge of below works and then rejecting astrology I am ok.

May 4, at There is even more satellite dowload revealing under water cities of the coast of India that coincide with ancient Indian mythologies that go back thousands and thousands of years.