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July 23, at As your exams are going to commence very soon, so we recommend you to practice from sample papers and previous year question papers. Since Physics and Chemistry are such subjects where you have to understand the concept first so, focus yourself on that. Importqnt should i have to do? You can get maximum numbers in your boards if you practice thoroughly. Hi Adarsh, I know Math is difficult subject for many students, but it can be easy if you take interest in it.

Download Maths Formulas pdf Class 10 – physicscatalyst’s Blog

So, it is necessary to get use to the exam situation. September 5, at 5: And before you impodtant answering the long questions, make a proper structure of the answer in your mind. After that, take a short break and do your favorite work in this time. This website is wonderful. Sir, I require Delhi cbse board question paper of last ten years.

Next thing is revision. Work hard, you will get good marks.

Download CBSE 10th Maths Previous 5 To 10 Years Question Papers PDF

November 24, at 9: If you treat them as the regular exam then you will ultimately be able to conquer your fear for the board exam. January 31, at 5: Rajeev Mehra sir, This website is wonderful. Start practicing from sample papers and previous year question papers for final practice, try to solve as many papers as you can. Although Pradeep reference book is really good. If you really do this, then there is no imporfant you from scoring good grades.

It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. But, we will try to give some papers early for your convenience.

Download Class 9 Physics formulas and summary pdf

Im really thnkful to all the proffessor…. You are doing a great service to the student community and I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to you.

Also, if you want then you can download CBSE class 10th maths sample downlooad too the link is given at the bottom. By chance if i solved the numericals half so would i get half marks or not? Practice from previous year paper and sample papers as, you will get the idea of important questions. You are going accurate. Keep doing hard work and you will score good marks for sure.

If it is so, then you can complain to CBSE directly.

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December 27, at 3: Be completely dedicated towards your studies and we also recommend you to practice from sample papers and previous year question papers, and just keep on revising thoroughly. First of all you need to be dedicated towards your studies. Be calm first of all. Give one hour to it.

August 12, at 2: February 27, at 5: As board exams are near and not much time is left for preparation start practicing from previous year papers and sample papers. The question is what to make notes of? How can 12h cover modern physics thoroughly with ncert only for my 12 th board exams ? June 10, at 7: Give equal time to every subject.

Practice each and every amths of this book, even the examples and the miscellaneous exercises. Thank you once again sir for all the effort you are taking to ensure that the students score better. It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. Hello mam, I am in class 12 pcb.

January 11, at 1: You will find it difficult downloa recall a question that you solved 1 or 2 weeks earlier, and it is totally normal. Yes you can start attempting from any of the section, but make sure to write the section and question number correctly.

Sir, i am not able to solve physical chemistry numericals, so can you give me tips, how to solve step by step? Practice them while writing them down in this way you will remember them. January 27, at 3: So, stay in touch.